We cooperate with the governments to improve and make less complex the processes of interrelation of the country and foreigners as well as foreigners and the country in the sphere of education, business, tourism and other sectors contributing the development of the mentioned sectors and strengthening the relations with other countries providing technological and administrative solutions which are safe, innovative and worth time and money. We do our best to create the positive image of the country, partnering with the professionals, organizations and interested parties.

Consolidation of the space into the one zone and borderless movement of the information, capital, working force, goods and services, freedom, development, strengthening and interrelation of social institutes – all of these is in the CIC.

I. Education


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- consultation on the programs, educational institutes, grants and other opportunities in the country.

- in time information and promotion of the educational service in the country.

- globally the creation of the consolidated resource of educational opportunities and services worldwide.

Information and consultations are provided in more than 11 languages (Russian, English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian, etc.) as well as taking into account the mentality and national peculiarities. Also we consult both children and parents to show them great opportunities of the education worldwide and convince that it is safe enough. Promotional activity is held at different events, exhibitions as well as at presentations in the educational institutions.

II. Migration service

and support

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The CIC provides 24 support to immigrants especially in urgent affairs.

Consultation and informational support is provided to foreigners in the country to let them get help and support quickly without queues and waiting. This will help to decrease the workload for the embassies.

Providing information on lows, rules, procedures to the people going to visit the country.

Protection of the foreigners and assistance in different affairs (education, business, etc.).

Adaptation and integration.

III. Medical tourism


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- the integrated base of the medical programs available worldwide.

- consultation and support as well as help to make choice of the hospital.

- support on the whole process of medical tourism from expert opinions to the trip organization.

IV. Business


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Informational support of the entrepreneurs and companies going worldwide.

Help to prepare documents and pre check of them according to requirements of the country before the submission.

Help to choose the region, partners, services, etc.

V. Tourism


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Informational support for the tourists.

Promotion of the holidays in the country.

Integrated resource containing all necessary information will help tourist to behave appropriately, simplifying the process of interrelation, adaptation and making the relations comfortable for both parties.


Maximize the positive effect and minimize side effects of globalization.

How can side effects be reduced and positive effects increased? How can we get the most of it? The answer to this question depends on the character of the world system. If the world is in conflict the effect will be negative. And the opposite effect will be gained if states can cooperate. The task is to create the world system based on international cooperation and dynamic innovations due to the foundation of the Centers of International Cooperation worldwide.

Global cooperation on the basement of the creation of informal international institutions is an important mechanism of the solvation of the problems caused by globalization. With the use of it stability, economic growth and acceleration of the development as well as the solvation of the problems of uneconomical nature can be gained.