For a person:

I. Safety


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Due to the fact that in the CIC it is possible to get acquainted with different cultures, study traditions step by step the aggression will eliminate and the tolerance will increase, as well as understanding and comfortable, peaceful and safe surroundings will be gained.

The CIC contribute the most important – gaining understanding that we can communicate and cooperate in spite of the color of the skin, age, religion, etc.

II. Wellbeing: education,

job and health service

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The CIC helps everybody to get a wide range of possibilities and learn about education possibilities, job opportunities worldwide. You can get consultation about available programs in different countries and assistance to help you to make your choice.

You will be able to find the job of your dreams irrespectively to the place where you are, get professional development and exchange experience with your international colleagues.

Due to the medical tourism department you will be able to get immediate access to the best medical service worldwide with the period of expectation approximate to zero, to the expert opinions of the best doctors and to the unlimited options for your health as well as the full support starting with the informational services and ending with the preparation to the trip including everything necessary (transfer, tickets, translators, etc.).

III. Hobby, leisure time

and travelling

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International language study, art master classes, lectures and cross-cultural events will let you get acquainted with culture of other nations, find new hobby and just have a good rest.

World culture days will help you to make a round-the-world-trip not leaving your country, see ethnic dances, listen to ethnic music, try different food, try on national costumes, have fun and learn a little bit more about the world we live in. It is an excellent opportunity for bright and unforgettable time.

For those who wish learn more at the department of tourism affairs it is possible to get all the information about sights, festivals, holidays, interesting places and help in trip organization including visas, hotels, guides, etc.

All of these are great opportunities to spend free time for young people and children.

For the town, city:

I. Adaptation for migrants

and tourism

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Informational support, cultural adaptation and international conflict prevention. Tourism development and international guest support.

II. Youth


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- the creation of the conditions for impleading of the young citizens to social participation (social, cultural, educational and economic relations), support young people initiatives.

- institutionalization of young people’s projects, which realization increases and strengthens the positioning of the town/city in the region, country, world.

- the creation of the conditions for the providing socially required, innovative services for the citizens.

- information service for young people.

- the creation of the camp with the up-to-date infrastructure aimed at organization of the young people’s leisure time as well as promotion health life style, self-development, etc.

- implementing events aimed at support of the young people, their initiative, talents, etc.

III. Culture

and society

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Creation of the surroundings favorable for the increase of self-confidence, self-development of people, providing the access to education and culture opportunities, providing social protection and tolerance.

IV. Health

and sport

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Providing the development of the sport activities, promotion of the health life style, creation additional recreation zones.

V. Business

and cooperation

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Organization of the cooperation and interaction of the social, commercial and governmental organizations, as well as people to create work places, small and middle business development, partnership, attraction new businesses and widening the existent, development of the services, etc.


1. Protection of rights & safety.

2. Fundamental freedom.

3. Respect & comfortable living.

4. Increase of life quality, well being and decrease of poverty.

5. Health, education and job opportunities.

6. Consciousness & tolerance due to cross-cultural experience and communication.

7. Peaceful world for children.


1. Peacekeeping & security.

2. Economic, education & science advantages.

3. Diplomatic approach to dealing with each other.

4. Increased political influence.

5. Inside influence on opinions and attitude of the people from other countries.

6. Ample opportunities for international co-operation and exchange.

7. Global stability & strengthening of interrelations with other countries.