The reason for happiness is not fulfilling your own dreams. It is the determination of the people all over the world to work as one for the common good. It is such unity which is the essence of peace, respect and understanding.

The real freedom is not when you are free, but when everybody around you is.

Semenova Catherine

The Head of the CIC

The wise words of Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” determined my life credo but often I have some problems with balancing getting and giving as the second is always the prior.

The better world for which so many people work will not come just because we so badly wish that it would come. It will be possible just by bold vision, intelligent planning, hard work and what is the most important — uniting the efforts. It cannot be brought about overnight, but it is the right time to start.

This is a development of historic importance when we unite to form the world in which men, women and children can live in peace, in freedom, in equity and, above all, without poverty and fear.

We do believe that with united efforts and wise guidance we can make a significant progress towards the highest goals: to achieve understanding through remembering the traditions, accepting of diversity and converting advance worrying into advance actions.

We should unite to become really free.


The centre of Eastern development and culture “Sakura Matsuri” was founded in 2003 to help people gain understanding through acquaintance with various customs, traditions of nations in the world.

The mission of the Centre is creation of the favorable circumstances for international co -operation and interrelation and support of them on this path to promote fundamental freedoms, tolerance and respect to build the better world full of hope and peace.

The Centre plans and organize different events assisting gaining understanding, developing friendly and beneficial partnerships, development of the international projects and their successful implementation.


The strategic aims of the Centre are:

● To promote tolerance and understanding;

● To support international co-operation;

● To create, preserve and develop cultural, traditional and art legacy;

● To unite international efforts in solving tasks which the world faces today;

● To initiate and support socially important initiatives world wide;

● To protect the most disadvantaged groups;

● To be the platform for cultural, educational and scientific exchange;

● To promote human rights and fundamental freedoms;

● To take care of the Earth, ecology and people’s health.

The main task of education today is not to reform students or make them experts.

It is to:

Unsettle their horizons,

Widen their minds,

Inflame their intellects.